Why is my card being declined?

The most common reasons your card is being declined are:

  1. Your billing address does not match your business address on file. Make sure that you’re using your business address in any billing address fields at checkout.
  2. You have not entered your card number and other information correctly. Double check that you’re using the right number, security code, and expiration date. Also note that sometimes sites do not recognize autofilled information.
  3. Your card is not activated. Confirm that your deposit has cleared and that your card is activated on your dashboard.
  4. Your card does not have enough available balance. Check your balance in the dashboard. To free up some room, pay off some of your balance before swiping again.
  5. Your card has been locked. Make sure your account isn’t frozen on your dashboard.

If none of these scenarios apply, please reach out to us at card@tillful.com, and we’ll help you troubleshoot.