Will the Tillful Card or Credit Builder do more for my business credit?

We can only confirm what Experian has shared with us, but would assume Equifax and D&B would treat this similarly.

The secured credit card should help your business credit more than the credit builder subscription (please note this is not a loan). If you get both the card and credit builder, they report as 2 separate tradelines, which could boost your score even more.

The secured card is reported as a tier 3 (on Experian), which means it likely holds more weight than the credit builder tradeline. It also has a higher credit line ($500 minimum on the card vs. $50 maximum on credit builder), which holds more weight.We understand that the $500 minimum can be steep for some businesses, which is why we offered the credit builder subscription as an option.

The credit builder subscription is a form of alternative credit, where we report your payments as a tradeline to the major credit bureaus.


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